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02 April 2016 @ 08:53 pm
Dick licked his lower lip as he watched the shadowed form above him, holding a newly opened bottle of Smirnoff vodka in his right hand with a slight smirk at the corner of his lips.

"I don't even want to know where you bought that from." He remarked casually- There wasn't a liquor store anywhere near his apartment.

"Who says I bought it." Jason's mischievous smile deepened.

The bound form under him chuckled softly and tried to move his arms, having forgotten that he couldn't. His wrists were both shackled to the bedpost- his lover having been waiting for him when he came home from his late shift at the precinct. While distracting him with those devious, smooth lips on his neck, he had not noticed an item being removed from his utility belt until it had been too late.

He squirmed and the handcuffs sounded loud above his head, rubbing against the headboard post.

Not that he minded.

And he wasn't the least bit surprised.

Jason leaned down and captured his mouth with his own, enticing a low moan that was caught between the kiss. A faint undertone of cigarette smoke made him pull back just a bit. It had been awhile since Jason had smoked.

"Is there something wrong?" He murmured, gazing up into deep hazel-green eyes. The younger man stared down at him for a moment before he sighed.

"Don't worry about it, little birdie." He sat up for just a moment, took a nice swig from the alcoholic bottle, then leaned down again, lips pressed to Dick's firmly, urging them open. A stray drop of liquid fire escaped and slid down the older man's chin. Once the liquid was completely gone, Jason's tongue darted out and licked the trail while Dick coughed softly.

He didn't particular like the burning feeling that booze gave him. Jason, on the other hand, took refuge in it.

The cuffs clanged as Dick shifted to accommodate Jason's mouth on his once more, full of another round of vodka.

After the fourth shared gulp, the younger man sat straight up, rolling his hips down onto his captive's crotch, reveling in the hiss of pleasure he pulled from his throat. With his free hand he felt along Dick's stomach and side, hooking his thumb under the standard white t-shirt that the officer had to wear his uniform. He shifted the fabric up, then began to trail his nails over a hard stomach. He felt the harsh shudder and huffed out a chuckle. He then tilted his head back and brought the vodka to his mouth, gulping a few swigs down as if it were water. He let out a deep sigh afterward, and blinked a few times to dry his eyes.

Dick watched him and was about to speak when Jason once again started to grind his hips down.

Damn that was a good distraction.

He felt Jason move back a little, feeling his legs being parted as the younger man settled in between them, his fingers fiddling with his pants button and zipper. Dick's face was flushed from the alcohol and the arousal. Jason cursed softly and went to set the bottle on Dick's nightstand next to the bed. Dick bucked up just then, and jostled him, making his arm lose grip on the bottle. It fell, half of the bottle still on the nightstand, spilling most of the contents onto the floor.

"Crap-" Dick went to move. But he couldn't. "Take these off, I'll get it."

Jason moved back.

He had no plans of letting Dick go.

Not yet.

He pressed his lips against the older man's, ignoring his protests, both hands free to work on his pants. He slid the top of Dick's pants down his hips before Dick was able to turn his head.

"Jason, come on, that's going to stain-"

Jason took that time to trace those lovely lips with his thumb before shifting his hand and plunging three fingers into the older man's mouth, making him gag softly. His other hand went back to work in between them, fiddling with his own zipper then.

"You talk too much, little bird." He groaned as he finally freed his own erection. "I'll clean it up when we're done."

Dick relaxed back on the bed at that point, arms going still. Jason wasn't going to let him free. He moaned as the younger man's fingers curled around the top of his cock and giving it a long, slow stroke teasingly.

Spilled drink now forgotten, Dick spread his legs wider and wrapped them around Jason.

Might as well join in.


Dick heard the sound of water dripping as he awoke a little bit after they had finished. He groaned and tried to stretch, but his hands were still bound by his own handcuffs. He felt the weight of the younger man still pressed against him, breathing softly.


He looked around. Had Jason taken a quick shower?


No, he was still in the same clothes from before.


He glanced to the closed door off to the side. If water was leaking from the faucet in his bathroom, there was no way he would've been able to hear it.


His eyed widened and his head turned sharply, trying to see from the confined angle he was laying-

The fallen bottle of Vodka was still laying idle, half of the glass still clinging to the nightstand.


His eyes narrowed and he bucked his body, moving his leg up to kick Jason in the side. He awoke, startled.

"What the fu-"

"You didn't clean up your stupid mess." Jason looked over. "It's probably everywhere by now-"

"Calm down princess, I'll buy a rug to put over it if it means that much to you."

"Get these things off before I break them and have to get new ones."

Jason chuckled and sat up, sliding down the bed- out of reach from Dick and his strong legs.

"That's something that I'd love to watch." He grinned as the older man cursed at him.

He would never get tired of messing with Dick.

And the fallen bottle was forgotten once again.